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SAKURA KOGYO develops high environment effective production with consideration to environment preservation, energy saving and resources saving as a member of community. We will develop this, constantly upgrading our management system and developing well bilateral communication with local community as well as maintaining openness to society through information disclosure. We will continue these to achieve sustainable growth of automotive industry, carrying out our task to supply customers with reliable and cost effective products with performance of high-speed which mainly consist of component of metal process such as motor cycle mufflers.
We will prevent attack to environment with continuous endeavor to improve with effect which enables flexible and precise correspondence to diversified environment aspect.
We will constantly endeavor to ensure preservation of better environment,trying to achieve our purpose and target.
We will contribute to environment preservation, energy saying and resources saving, activating our resources and achievement of continuous development of edge engineering with cooperation to community.
We will aim at low emission production activity, reduce industrial waste disposal and save energy for our activity.
We will educate and train our employees to take responsibility for environment preservation with consideration of environment in job performance.
Our management will conduct periodical check and review of our environmental management system and its performance.
We will periodically review our environment policy to make it most suitable for environmental consideration and production activity, have our employees to understand that well and publish the policy.
SAKURA stocks Magome river with young Carps in October every year, supporting with local association to clean up the river.
It also helps emotional education of school pupils.
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